What if you had the potential reach to 1.8 billions users daily. The world of Facebook.


Facebook has been growing daily since it’s launch. More and more users join Facebook on a daily basis. You can either accept it or reject it but, the old fashion method of promoting is slowly dying down. That being established, you are here to learn how you can get onto facebook or if you already are, how you can improve your facebook marketing and business. There are a lot of topics related to improving you facebook business and today, we will do a quick overview of the basic elements you need. For this, we will assume you already have a facebook business page or any of the related. If ever you do not, read our post about starting your business page.

Brand – Image – Design

Your Brand
Your facebook business page should have multiple graphics related images. For example : your cover picture should be a logo of your business. If ever you do not have a logo, contact us and we will work with you to solve that. The profile picture for your business page should be a brand image that makes your users connect the image with your compagny. For example, here is what our business page cover picture and profile picture looks like :


No need to go and figure out an Einstein theroem for this. Anything simple enough and beautiful can work. Do not take pictures from google and use them as picture. Invest the time to either create an original one or pay someone. It will be the best 100$. You will be using your logo throughout the whole time you are in business.

Information – Compagny info – Goals

Taking the time to properly elaborate your business goals, the information about your compagny and your services is essential. Users will often read what your compagnie does, what kind of services do you offer, what are some of the morals that you work with, etc. Taking the time to do this will permit future clients to developpe a connection with your brand and image. They might not purchase a service on the first viewing. However, if you run an ad on Facebook and it crosses their news feed… Odds are, they will be more prone to purchasing that service by you instead of a brand they have never seen.

One important element you should always have on your page is contact info. You should have a proffesional email, business telephone number, website and be very responsive to your Facebook messages.

Do not take another compagnies morals and goals to rewrite them. Remember that unique information and content is what people connect with. If they have already seen the text or the information elsewhere, they will automatically remember and recreate the connection with the previous compagny. Therefore, you are helping your competitor and not yourself.

Likes count – Reviews – Activity

One of the hardest elements on your facebook page will be your likes count. A lot of clients will rely on this piece of information to determine wether they want to do business with you or your competitor. Almost no one will take the time to contact a page that has under 1000 likes for any form of business. At that point, if the page cannot generate 1000 likes on facebook, how can they be taken seriously. View our services related to facebook likes here.

Reviews are also essential. Having 20 000 reviews 5* is impossible. Therefore, do not try to fool your clients, every business had unhappy customers just like they have happy customers. Mixed reviews show that the compagny is growing, evolving, listening to its customers. That shows confidence to new users. It is essential to have a mixed amount of reviews.

Last but not least, post post post. You must be active on your page. Why would people visit a page that has had no activity for 2 month. There is no reason and not only that, it shows confusion to new customers. That is because customers will wonder wether or not the compagny is still active. Take 5 minutes to write a post per day, and you will steadily see your page grow.